The unusual concameration of the universe

The thematic itinerary stems from a visual reflection inspired by the philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s thought: we all belong to the same fabric and we endlessly manifest ourselves, fold after fold, in stratifications, compositions, arrangements and reproductions.

It is precisely the design of the universe that connects its small separate fragments, as if it were an infinite folded canvas. We speak of a marvellous form that creates the universe with its fractal expansion: the possible curvature of space-time. Similarly, in literature and illustration, words, dreams, stories are part of a single concameration: heart, mind, memories, home, country, continent, Earth, sky, universe. It is the connection of all the parts, because the whole is just one habitat.

This is the idea of the thematic section: we are inhabitants of the same room within other rooms in a big house, a habitat that spans time.

There are no disconnected, empry spaces, there is no separation, only visible and invisible constraints.

The artists on display – Carnovsky, Pep Carriò, Chiara Carrer, Daniele Castellano, Joanna Concejo, Guillaume Duprat, Corinne Luyken, Alessandro Sanna – they present their way of connecting to the whole and do so through scientific study, poetic intuition, chilhood recovery and imagination. They offer us the opportunity to move from one page to another to move through time in space and experience, learn, discover.