International School of Illustration: students in the Exhibition

Every year, the Štěpán Zavřel Foundation dedicates a space within the International Exhibition of Children’s Illustration, Le Immagini della Fantasia, to the students of the International School of Illustration.

The project involves working on the exhibition’s theme during the summer school with the guidance of teachers Gabriel Pacheco and Joanna Concejo.

This year’s theme is “Horizons and Boundaries.”

Joanna Concejo defines the horizon as “a strange thing” because the closer we get, the more it eludes us. It’s an invisible line behind which we cannot see, a kind of limit because our sight cannot extend beyond it.

Gabriel Pacheco explains that “At the very moment we conceive of a boundaries, horizons open up.”

The works on display are “imagined, enigmatic, literary, invented illustrations of known and never-before-existed characters. Illustrations in which the artist finds and renews themselves.”

The works created by the students have been selected for the exhibition.


Hieronymus Boundaries
Course curated by Gabriel Pacheco from 31 July to 5 August 2023

Iole D’Agostino, Angela Filetti, Matilde Grossi, Alessandro Mele, Anna Mosca, Maria Orzes, Serena Pea, Eleonora Penocchio, Alice Savini, Beatrice Tavares.


Boundaries and horizons
Course curated by Joanna Concejo from 26th June 2023 to 1st July 2023.

Raluca Anghel, Carolina Borgia, Stefania Fanti, Sindu Gastaldi, Bianca Girardi, Chiara Nencioni, Juliana Ocampo, Adriana Pecoraro, Zdeňka Štěpánková, Giulia Vettorel.