The “Beyond Images” section presents a true panorama of contemporary illustration.

The curator invites viewers to navigate the avenues of art “in search of hope, possibilities, and freedom.”

The works of the artists in the exhibition bear witness to this aspiration, starting with the intertwining of reality and imagination in the works of Ofra Amit and the illustrations of “El jardín” by Beatriz Martin Vidal.

Saba Soleymani and Magali Cazo give voice to women opening themselves to love in the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Isabella Labate contributes to the curator’s ideal quest with her work dedicated to “Il vecchio e il mare” by Ernest Hemingway.

In this case, words give way to images that become works of art. In the “Abécédaire de la beauté” by the Icinori duo, the reflection on beauty goes beyond the limits of conventional standards.

At the same time, the work of the Spanish artist Diego Mallo in “Manual de vida” stages the language of the body, drawing inspiration from ancient visual references.

Mexican illustrator Sólin Sekkur questions the potential of images, pondering what they might conceal.

The abstract portraits by young artist Dominika Lipniewska aim to unveil stories beyond those depicted.

Marta Farina in “Barbarina e i nove colombi” engages with masters of painting and narrates the oral tradition of her homeland. The works of Laura Berni, Gilles Plat, Anna Marzuttini, and Anastasiia Zviaha, despite their different artistic experiments, all share a common focus on the power of images.