“there may be a way of looking at fairy tales that is different from what is believed to be the only way possible
Štěpán Zavřel

At the center of the exhibition path of the Exhibition Le immagini della Fantasia 38 is the famous art couple Olga and Andrej Dugin, two artists belonging to the high school of artistic illustration, originally from Moscow and living in Stuttgart since 1989. Their books are the expression of a cultured art, capable of probing...
Guests of Honour: Olga and Andrej Dugin
The selva is an expanse of trees and shrubs growing naturally across a broad area of land. Comparable to a wood or forest, the selva has both a literal meaning, a natural territory where plants grow spontaneously, and a metaphorical sense linked to the idea of a complex multitude of highly diverse things haphazardly piled...
Domestic Selvas
The thematic section of the Exhibition The Images of Fantasy 38 is dedicated to the forest: a place of allegory par excellence, the protagonist of classical and contemporary literature, of visual production, of popular and mythological tradition. Space of discovery and initiation, but also of loss and darkness, its crossing always implies a transformation. The...
Searching in the wood
The International School of Illustration of Sàrmede is the educational center that embodies the educational ideal around which the identity of the Štěpán Zavřel Foundation is condensed
Courses on offer
Find who are the teachers of the International School of Illustration of Sàrmede
The Zavřel Museum is symbolically located at the very centre of Sàrmede, like a fundamental landmark and a timeless tribute to the man who encouraged the transformation of this part of the world. The museum is located inside Sàrmede’s town hall, a building that has been transformed through the years by the creative spirit that...
Štěpán Zavřel Museum