Horizons and Boundaries

The “Horizons and Boundaries” section welcomes visitors, introducing them to the exhibition’s theme.

The eight artists selected by curator Gabriel Pacheco offer their personal interpretations of the theme.

They explore geographical borders and possible horizons, beginning with Marie Lafrance‘s illustrated story of Jella Lepman, the woman who fought to provide a better future for children during World War II through books.

Similarly, Peter Sís‘s illustrations from “Il Muro. Crescere dietro la cortina di ferro” capture the artist’s memories of childhood and adolescence in his home country, the Czech Republic, during the Cold War.

Some books allow us to transcend borders and reach new horizons, such as classics of literature – Alice, Gulliver, Robinson Crusoe, Dracula, The Jungle Book, Journey to the Center of the Earth – featured in the exhibition through the illustrations of Scott McKowen.

The transition between bordaries and horizons is depicted in the fairy tales illustrated by Kasia Walentynowicz, born from the literary work of the painter and poet Erna Rosenstein.

The respect for horizons and bordaries is the central theme of the albums “Ehi laggiù, basta così” by Giulia Pastorino and “La signora Leoparda” by Natalia Shaloshvili, addressing issues of pollution and the importance of sustainability.

Momo by Akiko Miyakoshi and Lorenzo by Decur testify that boundaries can be crossed through imagination.


Illustration of Kasia Walentynowicz, Poławiacz cieni, Wydawnictwo Wolno, 2022