The digital in narrative illustration. Light, shadow and atmosphere

The digital technique is particularly suitable for creating evocative and suggestive images, where colour is applied in a transparent and layered manner. We can represent nature and landscapes and at the same time tell stories, focusing attention on scenes and characters with great detail and precision. The course aims to explore this expressive potential in order to work with maturity and awareness on the boards of an illustrated book. It will begin with the study of tools and with exercises on painting techniques to arrive at work on a final panel. For this the lecturer asks to bring narrative ideas, story sketches, projects that one would like to work on digitally. The course takes place on Photoshop and it is advisable to know the basics.


Creation and organisation of brushes and tools.
Matter, texture and pattern.
From pencil sketch to digital sketch, study of chiaroscuro.
Composition and colour palette.
Colouring methods, work steps.
Crop and layer masks.
Transformations and adjustments.
Actions to speed up work.
Colour profiles and customisation of the software proof.

Illustration by Paolo Domeniconi, L’albero, la nuvola e la bambina written by Chiara Valentina Segré, Camelozampa, 2021


Technical artistic material is provided by the participant.
Laptop computer.
Graphics tablet or interactive display with driver installed on the computer and working.
Photoshop CC 2018 or later versions. No Photoshop on iPad.
USB flash drive.
Stories, narrative ideas and pencil sketches, any book projects.
A notepad.
Your paper or digital portfolio, sketchbook and anything else that talks about you.
Books or pictures of your favourite illustrators, the things that inspire you the most.

For any questions on materials, software or perhaps to anticipate your projects, please write to:

Date Timetables
10 Jul 2023 9.30 – 18.30
11 Jul 2023 9.30 – 18.30
12 Jul 2023 9.30 – 18.30
13 Jul 2023 9.30 – 18.30
14 Jul 2023 9.30 – 18.30
15 Jul 2023 9.30 – 13.00

Location: Casa della fantasia, Via Marconi, 2/A – 31026 Sàrmede (TV)

Lingua: Italian

Price: 390 euro

Deadline for entering : late enrolments will be accepted dependent upon available places, maximum 20.