“there may be a way of looking at fairy tales that is different from what is believed to be the only way possible
Štěpán Zavřel

Imagination, creativity, fantasy. A country that is both a physical and a mental place.
Sàrmede, the town of fairy tales
Find who are the teachers of the International School of Illustration of Sàrmede
The International School of Illustration of Sàrmede is the educational center that embodies the educational ideal around which the identity of the Štěpán Zavřel Foundation is condensed
Courses on offer
This laboratory was born after the realization – together with Valerio Vidali – of the book “The forest”. It is an introspective project, and at the same time a teamwork. The book reflects this duality through some selected techniques: ink on paper + embossing and engraving. During this workshop we will develop two points: 1....
The woods within and without. Experimental workshop
The aim of this course is to introduce to and to provide an in-depth study of the watercolour technique, with practical exercises and step-by-step demonstrations. The course deals with various themes, in a gradual alternance of observation and practice with colours and materials, with driven exercises and open-air journeys with a sketchbook. The observation of...
Watercolours and sketchbook. Synthesis of the light
Explore the relationship between narration and images, discover the possibilities of narration. Learn the text-image relationship and to identify a visually attractive problem in correlation to the space of the book (cover image / subsequent images that illustrate the text). Program Starting from the proposed texts and images, we will experiment the possibilities of narration...
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