“there may be a way of looking at fairy tales that is different from what is believed to be the only way possible
Štěpán Zavřel

Éric Puybaret has published over 40 books translated into various languages, from classics such as Sleeping Beauty or Alice in Wonderland to poetic and mysterious texts now in turn new classics, such as With the head in the clouds or Grains of houses. Awarded in 1999 at the Children’s Books Fair in Bologna, he is an international aesthetic referent, an author who knows how to draw the subtle substance of fantasy.
Guest of honour: Éric Puybaret
Gabriel Pacheco's solo exhibition will be held in the exhibition halls of the Lower Castle of Marostica and will remain open from November 30th 2019 to January 6th 2020.
Gabriel Pacheco’s solo exhibition in Marostica
The exhibition "Once upon a time in Muggia ... # 4", will opens on 6th December, organized by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Muggia, in collaboration with the "Štepán Zavrel" Foundation of Sàrmede, at the Museum of Modern Art "Ugo Carà ", and at the Municipal Art Hall" Giuseppe Negrisin ".
Once upon a time in Muggia
From December 8th to January 6th 2020, an exhibition will be set up in cooperation with the S. Zavrel Foundation, realized thanks to the Municipality of Tricesimo.
Between dream and reality, an exposition in Tricesimo
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