Seven books and a project

Workshop on the creation of books with waste materials.

The lab has an intensive character and it is divided in two parts:

– 10 am-3 pm: an introduction to the theory of art books and illustrated books and to creative bookbinding, with the realization of a series of book prototypes (from glueless books to an induction to book composition, to the technique of seaming applied to a variety of book models);

– 3 pm-5.30 pm: starting from the book structure, the students will individually develop the project of an illustrated book, realised with mixed media/techniques and inspired by a text. A particular attention will be devoted to the relationship between the various elements of book composition (material/structure/text/image) and to the research of innovative solutions in the making of illustrated books. The book project will be built over a partially ready-made structure, on which the students will intervene with mixed techniques, integrating collage and sketch by pencils or pastels.

The sensibility toward ecology, environment and the consequent necessity to develop – where and when possible – recycling activities is a good reason to use waste materials. Furthermore, personal creations and manufactured items realized with these unusual materials often are even more original and fanciful, with a poetic touch – a unique flair added by the presence of a variety of materials: production waste, unsold stock, semi-finished or recycled pieces such as boxes, containers, magazines and old publications – all viable to be reconverted to a new purpose, the book.

The workshop is aimed at adults, from absolute beginners to already experienced students who are interested in an in-depth exploration of the technique. From teachers interested in new proposals to submit to their classes to artists and illustrators who wish to expand their knowledge in the field of book making, starting from planning and structure; from graphic designers who wish to assemble or translate in a three-dimensional format their works, to craftsman who want to create new artistic handmade products, or to whomever fits in the description of book enthusiast – this course is suitable for everybody and doesn’t require a specific preparation.

The trainees will be in charge of purchasing/selecting their own artistic and technical materials.
Every participant should bring his/her own toolset, complete with: pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener, ruler, scissors, cutter, glue stick, colours of his/her choice such as pencils, pastels, felt pens (to be used for the mixed media projects).
The paper material (already prepared, measured and cut for the folding) for the prototypes’ realisation can be bought ahead of the first lesson (estimated cost: 7-10 €).
Other equipment and materials are included on the registration fee.

For further informations/clarifications on the program, please contact directly the teacher:, mobile phone + 39 340 3703378.

Date Timetables
24 Mar 2019 09.30 – 18.00

Location: Centro Sociale di Rugolo

Price: 100 euro

Deadline for entering : The enrolment deadline is one month before the beginning of the course, unless otherwise specified. Late enrolments will be accepted dependent upon available places.