Searching in the wood

The thematic section of the Exhibition Le immagini della fantasia 38 is dedicated to the wood: par excellence is a place of allegory.
Its universe of meanings reveals a fertile spirit, teeming with voices and echoes: a realm brought to life by choral sounds and sombre silences, inhabited by human and imaginary creatures, woodcutters, nymphs, elves, wolves, traversed by the mysteries of the flora and fauna. It can be inhospitable and welcoming, arouse fear and relief, provide
the right solution and mislead, put to the test and transform.

“Literature and illustrations create an allegory of learning: we are small, fragile creatures bound to reason and instinct, which at a certain point in life need to turn towards knowledge, to seek to know. It is this which today continues to drive us to look for firewood so we can keep ourselves safe and warm and, with the same sense of wonder felt by our ancestors near the fire, enables us to recount and listen to our little tales.”. *

* Gabriel Pacheco, “Searching in the wood”, in “The Images of Fantasy 38”, catalog of the International Exhibition of Illustration for Children, Tapirulan Editions, 2020

Illustration by Matthew Forsythe, from  “Pokko and the Drum”, Simon & Schuster.

The exhibition presents a collection of forests that differ yet are united by the idea of the wood as a place of passage, learning and transformation: from legends to tales, from the classics of centuries past to new poetic and philosophical angles.

Juliette Binet, Anthony Browne, Gerda Dendooven, Matthew Forsythe, Olaf Hajek, Violeta Lópiz and Valerio Vidali, Giovanni Manna, Giovanna Ranaldi: nine artists whose art addresses some of the fundamental moments of our existence in an encounter with the wood: fear, change, refuge and nourishment, to evoke the woodland charm of searching in the wood.