Students show 40

Selected works of students of the “Scuola Internazionale d’Illustrazione”

Each year the Štěpan Zavřel Foundation dedicates a special space within the International Exhibition of Illustration for Children, Le Immagini della Fantasia, to the students of the “Scuola Internazionale d’Illustrazione”. The project involves working for a week together with two teachers on the exhibition theme Dreams, Memories and Other Poems. The two workshops were led by illustrators and teachers Joanna Concejo and Gabriel Pacheco. The works created were later selected for the final exhibition in the School section.


Illustration by Joanna Concejo, L’anima smarrita, Topipittori, 2018

Dreams, Memories and Other Poems

04.07.2022 – 09.07.2022

Joanna Concejo suggests listening to the shy dreams, the memories that don’t make noise, the common poems so that the image can find a source from which to be born.

Selected works of Francesca Barion, Sabrina Canacari, Susanna Cargnel, Virginia Clericetti, Anna Malinowska, Elsa Marcotti, Beatrice Pra Floriani, Lorena Romanin, Federica Varaschin and Francesca Zanotto.

The dream of matter

25.07.2022 – 30.07.2022

Gabriel Pacheco calls for working on the intuitive and intellectual origin of contemporary illustration to learn about the pictorial and philosophical connections to the creative act.

Selected works of Laura Berni, Laura Cerretti, Marula Furlan, Sofia Masiello, Alessandro Mele, Serena Pea, Eleonora Penocchio, Cinzia Ratto, Sonia Rizzolo and Francesca Rossato.