Le immagini della fantasia 38

Sarmede, Casa della fantasia

November 14, 2020 – February 14, 2021

The 38th International Exhibition of Illustration for Children Le immagini della fantasia, set up and ready to be visited, is temporarily closed to the public in compliance with the DPCM in force on 3 November 2020.

The 38th International Exhibition of Illustration for Children Le immagini della fantasia is a special edition.

The urgency with which it took shape, during the suspended time of the past months, placed at the center of the reflection the desire to meet again to continue walking the path of the creative revolution together.  Certain that there is no life event in which poetry does not allow for a new beginning and a new way of understanding ourselves in the universe, we continued to work. Step by step, the exhibition manifested itself in the landscapes, unexpected and unnoticed until that moment, because they were silenced by the speed of life. We dedicate the new edition of the exhibition to the creators of “Unexpected Landscapes”, to those who live in books and cultivate their essence for us, for our experience of intimate and aesthetic knowledge together. In the exhibition spaces of the Casa della Fantasia we wanted to bring together artists from different horizons but united by the same ability to guide and accompany us on the artistic journey.

The corpus of the exhibition is a heterogeneous meeting of voices on literature and illustration. Starting with the guests of honor, Olga Dugina and Andrej Dugin, a couple in life and in art, belonging to the high school of illustration for the results achieved by their works through artistic research and executive refinement. The Panorama section opens onto the world and calls to itself a multiplicity of glances and dreams. The thematic section entitled “Searching in the wood” is dedicated to the place that has always been at the center of the interests of literature, art and popular tradition.

The Pedagogy and Imagination section entitled “Domestic selvas” ironically addresses the relationship between wildness and domesticity experienced within the home. The selection of works of literature for children aims to investigate and problematize this perspective.

The tour ends with a tribute to our founder Štěpán Zavřel (Prague, 1932 – Sarmede, 1999) with the display of the tables from the illustrated Bible “Walking with God“. The exhibition reveals itself in a constantly changing geography understood as a space for walking, reading, understanding oneself. Our invitation is to take the opportunity of the exhibition to recover the poetic state that has always belonged to us and that is manifested through art.

The image of the exhibition is by Olga Dugina and Andrej Dugin, taken from the illustrated book “Das tapfere Schneiderlein” (The brave sartorello).