The inhabited home

Everything speaks to us of the symbolic projection of living: a room, a journey, a continent, a dream, an island, a sky, a night, a sunset, a flock, a city, a story, a heart, a hole.

The inhabited home is intended as a single and common organ, even when it appears fragmented.
The artists present on poetic variations around the image of living and depict different forms of the universe through traces of lines and colours.

The proposed visual path intends to give life to a moment of reflection to rethink the ideas and forms of living.

“Illustration is a picture that allows us to see everything that we sometimes cannot see and that the freedom of imagination helps us to recognize – writes Gabriel Pacheco – An exhibition that looks like the hypnotic sighting, in the dark, of a light from a home in the distance. We are nostalgic strangers always looking for an immense and unique home”.

In the Panorama section we are faced with a complex visual catalog. The “The inhabited home” section brings together the work of sixteen artists on the theme of living, investigated not only as architecture, but above all ad a place for creative thought, a seat of metaphors and ideas: Isabela Albertos, Ana Bustelo, Cinyee Chiu, Daniela Costa, Francesca Dell’Orto, Lina Dudaite, Olga Dugin, Brecth Evens, Brecht Evens, Laura Michell, Amir Shabanipour, Jesus Sotés, Britta Teckentrup, Pierre Touron, Lukas Verstaete, Varya Yakovleva.