Violeta Lopiz

She was born in Ibiza in 1980. She left music school to study illustration at the Escuela de arte nùmero 10 in Madrid, where she graduated in Graphic Design in 2006; in the same year she started her career as an illustrator. She attended various courses at the International School of Illustration in Sàrmede, with Jozef Wilkon and Linda Wolfsgruber. In 2009 she displayed her illustrations for her book “La bruja Yaga y otros cuentos” in a personal exhibition within Illustrabilia, an illustration festival in Padua, organised by Associazione Culturale Atelier. In 2010 she was selected at the Illustrators’ Exhibition during the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. The following are some of her publications: “La bruja Yaga y otros cuentos”, Anaya, 2007;  “Siete dìas siete cuentos”, Imaginarium, Zaragoza, 2009; “7 llaves de cuento”, Kalandraka, Pontevedra, 2009; “El catalejo”, Almadraba, Villaviciosa de Odòn, 2010; “La asombrosa y verdadera historia de un ratòn llamado Perez”, Siruela, Madrid, 2010; “La coda canterina”, Topipittori, Milan, 2010. Today Violeta lives and works in Berlin and Madrid.