Eleonora Cumer

She deals in artistic books, book installations and illustration. She holds artistic workshops in contemporary art museums and other institutions. Her works are published both in Italy and abroad, and her artist’s books can be found both in private collections and public institutions. She has attended various international exhibitions, where she displays her works: Biennale of Illustration in Zagreb (2008) – contest “Libri mai visti”, prize “Stupor sensibile” (2008) and merit mention (2011) –  International exhibition “Le immagini della fantasia” (from 2005 to 2013) – Mention during the International contest for book manufacturers in Sannicola (2009 and 2010) – Biennale of the Artist’s book in Naples (2010-2012-2015) – Contest “Libri fatti a mano” in Pieve Santo Stefano, mention (2009) – Prize “Libcomelibrarsi” (2010) – “Artbooks in Archivio”, together with “Artelibro” in Bologna (2010) – “Libro de artista y de la pequeñas ediciones”, Barcelona (2010) – “Premios moving book”, Barcelona (2010) – “Primer Encuentro Internacional en Red de Libro de Artista, libro ilustrado y edition de Arte”, Madrid (2010) – “Como pedro por mi casa, festival internacional de libros ilustrados n.5 and n.6, Barcelona (2011, 2012) – “Artelibro”, Bologna (2011) – “Libri dai libri”, Schio, Belgrade and Vicenza (2011) – “Donne nell’arte e nel Cerchio dell’arte”, Bolzano (2013) – “Linguaggi diversi”, Archaeological museum Amelia (2014) – Selected for the Ufofabrik Prize (2011) – Biennale of art and design, Padua (2013) – Dèlires des livres, Chartres (2013, 2015) – NYBA, New York Biennale of Art. In 2014 she displayed her works at the Archaeological Museum Amelia (TR), at Green Call-Cermes (BZ), at the Pier Maria Rossi Museum (Berceto, PR) and at Palazzo Meroli (Narni). In 2015 she attended “The second life: recycling, reuse and the environment in contemporary art” in Sanzeno and “Tacco Quindici” in Cles.