The imagined home

“The imagined home” is the title with which the curator Gabriel Pacheco presents the section designed for small visitors to the exhibition and in particular hosts illustrated books to read and observe.

An extraordinary catalog of houses sits on the walls of the room, giving the opportunity to enter and discover stories of houses, made of wood and brick, in the shape of a hut and palace, hidden and mysterious, noisy and full of life, fantastic and poetic, unexplored.

Every culture imagines and builds its own home: the Irish one is round because it evokes the celestial dome, the Chinese one uses the four cardinal points as a reference, the Arab one has its heart in the garden, the Native American tepee indicates the sun and the moon, the Buddhist house represents the body and bodies are architectures of being.

The illustrated book is intended as a place from which to look at and discover the world, which is why it can become the gateway to the imagination. The reflection on space, initiated and expressed in the Panorama and Theme sections, is manifested in this section in the image of the house proposed by Chiara Carrer, Carson Ellis, Leo Lionni, Francesca Dell’Orto, Alessia Elettra Campana, Amir Shabanipour, Martina Tonello.