Le immagini della fantasia 39

Sarmede, Casa della Fantasia

20 november 2021 – 20 february 2022

The 39th edition of the Mostra Internazionale d’Illustrazione per l’Infanzia Le Immagini della Fantasia presents in an articulated path, wide by geography and open by choice, a real visual catalog of the universe, conceived and edited by Gabriel Pacheco.

The exhibition spaces are transformed into a space ready to represent stories and intertwine experiences, to become a place of contamination and emotions.

The guest of honour, Gerda Dendooven, creator of ironic images and author of amusing illustrated books, is at the core of the Exhibition with over eighty works. Heir to the cultured and virtuosic Flemish tradition, she celebrates art by creating vital worlds thanks to the synthetic rapidity of her strokes and the solid compact chromatism.

In the “Panorama” section La casa abitata, the artists investigate the theme of living and perceive it as a place of creative thought, a place of metaphors and ideas, a page of memory and time.

The thematic itinerary with the original title “The unusual concameration of the Universe” proposes an uninterrupted reading of time and space, an infinite concameration of rooms in which emotions, memories, desires and fears resonate.

A path that turn into a home in the section dedicated to illustrated books for children: the imagined home of classic and contemporary fairy tales as a place of discovery, of departure and arrival, a tool for understanding the world.

The itinerary closes with a tribute to our founder Štěpán Zavřel  (Prague, 1932 – Sarmede 1999) with the exhibition of tables from two illustrated books translated for the first time into italian in 2021 by Bohem Press: “Seguendo la stella” and “La nostra meravigliosa terra”.

As we open the doors of the Casa della Fantasia for the 39th edition of the Mostra Internazionale d’Illustrazione, our gratitude goes to those who have walked the paths of art and creativity before us, to those who have supported and who support with commitment and trust the adventure of Sarmede so that the dream may continue to turn into reality.