International school of illustration

Each year, the Štěpán Zavřel Foundation dedicates a special space to young talents within the exhibition Le immagini della Fantasia. The project involves working for a week with two teachers from the International School of Illustration on a shared theme.

This is the dream that has always been cultivated in Sarmede, the village on the Treviso hills known as the town of fairy tales: taking care of those who look out onto the world of illustration, sense its horizon, but do not yet know the way to go.

The artist Giovanni Manna accompanied the students on a journey of visual and stylistic research through the unpredictable and poetic suggestions of Gianni Rodari. The illustrations created tell personal stories, infinite and contradictory emotions, new images born from a new reading of the texts.

The artist Jesús Cisneros made it possible for two great masters of the twentieth century to meet in the laboratory of the Casa della Fantasia: “Rodari meets Munari”. Also in this case the final result tells personal paths capable of emerging on paper thanks to freedom and of seeking in the other’s gaze a possibility of dialogue.